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User administration in your channel

If you'd like to add one or several IRC accounts to the userlist of your channel, you will need to send Chanserv some commands.

The following lines show you different ways to enter these commands:

  • !<#channel> <command>
  • /cs <#channel> <command>
  • /msg ChanServ <#channel> <command>

  • ADDUSER nick|*account level
    • Adds a user to the userlist with a specific access level. Generally, levels range from 1 to 500 and only user can have level 500 (owner access) at a time. The following are the default settings regarding levels:
      • Level 1-99: user can get channel invitations on himself/herself.
      • Level 100-199: user automatically gets voice (+v) on join.
      • Level 200-299: user automatically gets op (+o/+@) on join.
      • Level 300-399: user can add others to channel's userlist.
      • Level 400-500: user can change channel settings.
    • A user with 300 access of course gets +o as well. Privileges are entailed though. The voiced flag is an exception here, because its unnecessary while having operator status. The maximum that can be granted by oneself is their own access level minus one.
  • Aliases of ADDUSER
    • ADDPEON <nick|*account>: same as: ADDUSER <nick|*account> 100.
    • ADDOP <nick|*account>: same as: ADDUSER <nick|*account> 200.
    • ADDMASTER <nick|*account>: same as: ADDUSER <nick|*account> 300.
    • ADDCOOWNER <nick|*account>: same as: ADDUSER <nick|*account> 400. ADDCO is the short form of it.
    • ADDOWNER <nick|*account>: same as: <nick|*account> 500. This command is unavailable for common users.

required channel access: 300

  • CLVL <nick|*account> <level>
    • This command changes the channel access of a user. The treated user must have a lower access level lower than the one who executes the command. This includes both the current level and the new level.

required channel access: 300

  • DELUSER <nick|*account>
    • This command deletes the channel access of other users (only users with lower access levels can be deleted).

required channel access: 300

The commands above let you add or remove someone from a userlist and also to change his / her access in a certain channel (by means of clvl). However, many other commands are available when it comes to setting up channels. Please take a look at the following page for further details: ChanServ.