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How do I register an AuthServ Account on OnlineGamesNet?

Here is the link to the registration form for experienced users:

For all novice users:

First of all, an explanation: By registering an account, we mean that you authenticate to an account. Also, you can register (Reserve) an account with NO nickname, after you disconnect (quit), your nickname can be used by anyone else.

There is a difference between Nicknames and Authnames. Nicknames is the name that you are currently chatting with, Authname is the name of your login account. A better example of this is ICQ. Every user has a User Identity Number (UIN) Every user also has a chat name that is shown with every message.

The UIN is used for login purposes and the chat name shows who you are to other people.

Important: In the registration form choose the language (English by default) you wish that OnlineGamesNet communicates with you, you will get the cookie/password emails in that language and services will talk you in that language too (if there are a running translation of that language).

Ok, now we start: As we said before, go therefore to our registration page and register an account.

Explanation: The site who you'll open looks like

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In the shown example, we have "test" for our login name and '' is our example e-mail address.

Now it's your turn to replace the appropriate fields with your own data.

Warning: There are a few providers who have put OnlineGamesNet on their spam list, if so you should check your spam folder as well, this e-mail usually gets through.

The e-mail comes from "OnlineGamesNet" or "" and contains information about your IRC login account.

Example: Your AuthServ account at OnlineGamesNet has been successfully registered.

 Account name:   test
 Password:       cenu0uwi
 E-mail address:

To login with AuthServ, use this command in your IRC client:

 /AuthServ auth test cenu0uwi

If you want to change your password after logging in, you can use this command:

 /AuthServ pass cenu0uwi newPassword

What do we do now? Pretty easy, we just enter the command:

 /AuthServ auth test test123

and press enter.

If that works, you should get the reply:

-AuthServ- Your account is now activated (with the password you entered when you registered). You are now authenticated to your account..

If that shows up on the first try, you have successfully registered and activated your account on the OnlineGamesNet IRC server. If this has not worked, then something has gone wrong. In this case, ask the Support guys for help (support channel is #help).


Don't close this page yet, we haven't finished!

and now?

Right, maybe a cup of coffee first after all your hard work? No? Ok, then we will continue: We know: Every time we connect to OnlineGamesNet, we can use a new nickname. But how does the server know who I am and that I should have operator rights in my Alliance channel? Now this isn't as hard as it seems: We have registered with a Username and Password. With EVERY connection to the OnlineGamesNet server, we have to say to AuthServ "Hello, it's me!" How do we do this? with another command of course: Command:

/AuthServ AUTH username password

After this we should recieve the message: "-AuthServ- I recognize you.." If not, check your information, check that you have entered the username and password correctly. If all else fails, you can ask for help in the Support channel (#help).

For english users: After the registration if you didn't choose english as the wished language in the registration form, you can now change the language to english by typing:

/AuthServ set language C

Can this be simplified?

Yes, this can be simplified. There is a function in mIRC called "Perform". In the screenshot below, you can see how this works:

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Good luck