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How to become a Wiki Volunteer?

It is really easy, everybody is welcome you need only two things:

  1. Be native of a non-english language and average english knowledge
  2. Know the basics to contribute in the wiki, read the editor guide and demonstrate the two previous points plus your willingness to help by translating something in the wiki.

NOTE: For being able to contribute you need to be registered.

What to do if I fulfill the conditions?

After you fulfill these two points you should contact Alruvil at #OGN-wiki and he will check your work and see if you are ready to be in the Wiki Volunteer Staff.

As Wiki Volunteer you will be able to do the following things:

  • Protect and unprotect pages
  • Edit protected pages and special pages
  • Approve new accounts
  • Access to an organizational internal board
  • Access in #OGN-wiki and in an internal IRC channel

As you saw, it is not required to have IRC knowledge but it would be handy and help you to make better translations.