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ChanServ - the "channel service bot" - is a service bot we supply to you to administrate your channel. Your rights in a specific channel - and the commands you can use inside of it - depend on your AuthServ-access. The following list will provide an overview about how to use the bot and which commands are available in general.


All commands are executable by

  • !(#channel) <command>
  • /cs #channel <command>
  • /msg #channel <command>

User administration in your channel

A List of Commands how to administrate the user in your channel look here

ChanServ user settings

The options you can change as a user can be looked up here

ChanServ actions

To learn more about the Chanserv Actions click here

ChanServ channel settings

The Channel Settings you can change with Chanserv are listed here


If you want to get opinions of your users you can learn here how to start a vote.