ChanServ User Settings

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ChanServ user settings

  • USET <option> <value>
    • sets the chosen option with the chosen value
      • INFO <info>
        • Effect: sets your InfoLine that is shown at each join (assumed you've been waiting for at least 30 secs before rejoining the chan and assumed you are logged in). This command is equivalent to !SETINFO <info>. The command !SET USERINFO <access level> can restrict presentation of infolines depending on access of the user. !WIPEINFO <user> can delete such infolines for other users
      • NOAUTOOP 0|1 / NOAUTOVOICE 0|1
        • Effect: This option makes ChanServ setting (or not setting) user channel flags on join. (0) is standard setting for it. If (1) is chosen, you dont get +@ even if you still are an operator
      • AUTOINVITE 0|1
        • Effect: If this option is chosen (1) in a channel, chanserv will invite you into this channel on authing. Standard setting is (0).
      • WIPEINFO <nick|*authnick>
        • Deletes Infolines of other (lower accessed) users in a channel.
        • required channel access: 300

Other ChanServ related User-Commands

  • User settings who are not triggered by 'uset' Commands
    • !myaccess or /cs myaccess
      • Lists your global Channel access