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ChanServ actions and ban management

On this page, you will find the commands necessary to keep out a specific user or group of users out of your channel.
Each of these commands requires a certain amount of access inside the channel, listed below is the explanation of every possible action.

You should note, that for mask you have to provide ChanServ with information matching Nick!Ident@Host.
To explain this, we will take ChanServ as example:

-- [ChanServ] ( : Channel Services
In here, the Nick would be ChanServ, the Ident would be ChanServ and the Host (in this example) would be The last one is already a Fakehost set by the network, it can be some IP, VHost, or resolved IP as well.
Our mask in this example would be ChanServ! (being Nick!Ident@Host).

You may exchange the whole Nick/Ident/Host or parts of it with a Wildcard. Possible wildcards are ? (for a single letter/sign) or * (for an infinite number of any letter/sign). That way, you can use *!Ident@Host to affect every Nick with the given Ident and Host. Or *!*@Host to affect all Nicks and Idents with the given Host. Keep in mind, that using wildcards may result in the kick/ban affecting a larger number of users than intended.

There is more than one option available for banning a specific user. The different commands are listed below.

  • KICK <nick|mask> <reason>
    • Kicks the specified user (or users that meet the specified mask) with a statement like: (yourNick) reason. With standard settings the user you kick has to have lower access than you. This can be changed by !SET PROTECT. The short form is !k nick

required channel access: 200

  • BAN <nick|mask>
    • Bans the specified nick or mask. short form is !b nick

required channel access: 200

  • UNBAN <nick|mask>
    • Unbans the specified nick or mask (a ban from the ChanServ banlist - added via addban/addtimeban - is not deleted that way! Just the mask or the nick is unbanned (-b))

required channel access: 200

    • Unbans all banmasks that match you, short form is UBM.

required channel access: 200

    • Unbans all bans (+b) in a channel. Shortform is UBA.

required channel access: 200

  • KICKBAN <nick|mask> reason
    • kicks and bans the specified nick or all users that fit to the specified mask. Short form is !kb nick. Users with lower access can be banned, but this is adjustable by !set protect.

required channel access: 200

  • ADDBAN <nick|mask> <reason>
    • Kicks with the given reason and bans the specified nick or all users that match the specified masks permanently and adds those masks to the ban list (blist). Entries in that list ain’t deletable with UBA or unban (see DELBAN). The user has to have lower access than you in case SET PROTECT remains unchanged.

required channel access: 250

  • DELBAN <nick|mask>
    • Deletes normal as well as permanent bans (/mode +b in chan and !addban)

required channel access: 250

  • ADDTIMEDBAN <nick|mask>
    • Bans the specified nick or all users who fit to the used mask permanently or for a given time. The time units used are the same as those used for TRIM. The banned user has to have lower access than you, depending on SET PROTECT values. TB and ATB are short forms for ADDTIMEDBAN. Bans set by ATB can be deleted by DELBAN only.

required channel access:250

Possible time values are all combinations between 15 seconds and 2 years.
The different options are shortened with a letter representing a specific value.

  • s - for second(s)
  • m - for minute(s)
  • h - for hour(s)
  • d - for day(s)
  • w - for week(s)
  • M - for Month(s)
  • y - for year(s)

You may combine those any way you like. For example 1y17w3h10s being a timespan of 1 year, 17 weeks, 3 hours and 10 seconds.

  • MODE [+|-][+|-][CcmntilkDrspov] [limit] [pw] [nick] [further nicks]
    • This command sets the modes of a channel. If no parameter is submitted, standard-modes are set. If parameters are submitted, these modes are set. Standard-modes only can be overwritten by users with higher access than SET ENFMODES-Value. Overview over all chan modes

required channel access: 200

You may use modes to prevent users from joining your channel as well. The most important modes for doing so would be

  • mode +i - setting invite only status for your chan, requiring an invitation via ChanServ (/cs #channelname invite)
  • mode +r - only allowing registered (authed) Users to join the channel
  • mode +l <number> - limiting the amount of users in the chan to the given number
  • mode +k <keyword> - setting a password for your chan that is required to join