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chip is a bot 'designed' to allow teammembers of GameForge to use a 'personal channel' to talk with their users or their colleagues. As the OGN network rules do not allow personal channels, chip is a kind of workaround for this obstacle.

Why use chip instead of other bots?

Unlike most other bots on OGN, chip is equipped with a so called 'o-line'. This means, it may act as an IRC operator and can't be deopped, kicked, or banned in a channel. Also, it can reacquire channel operator status after netsplits or disconnects. Another advantage may be the 'easy-to-use' configuration of chip.

Who may get chip

As mentioned above, chip was designed to provide 'private' channels for teammembers of GF games. Therefore, only teammembers (visible by their team fakehost) can ask for chip for their channel. This is only possible if the requester already has channel operator status in the wanted channel, so as to prevent channel takeovers by using chip. To finally get a chip bot, one has to join #chip and ask one of the operators in there for help.

What channels are registered

Preferably, registered channels should be identical with the authname of the future owner. Some variants are allowed though, e.g. #Peters-Lounge instead of #Peter (in case of the authname being peter of course). Please discuss your issue with a helper if you are unsure about the name.

How does chip work?

In general, chip was mostly designed to protect the channel owner from being deopped and losing the channel this way. In addition, chip has a simple access system, allowing the owner to add automated op or voice for certain visitors of his/her channel and a limited mode protection in case some invite-only or other features is needed.
For adding someone to the userlist, he or she only needs to get op or voice in the channel. This may work with /mode #channelname +v Nick (or respectively +o for operator status) for mIRC and most other clients. As some commands may vary with other clients, you may need to find out how to provide op/voice with YOUR software.

Is there a list of commands available?

chip mostly does not work with 'special' commands; a chip channel is generally used like an unregistered one (for user and channel modes). Still, some commands are necessary to set some things for people not being in the channel.

  • The list of commands is visible by using chip help in your channel and contains: (command printed bold, explanation in italics)
    • ~ access shows ALL your access in chip channels
    • ~ delop <authname> deletes the 'auto-op' for the specified authname
    • ~ delvoice <authname> deletes the 'auto-voice' for the specified authname
    • ~ users showing the userlist of the active chip channel
    • ~ helpers displays the current chip teammembers
    • ~ resync aligning channel privileges with the current status (someone with autoop not having it gets opped etc.)
    • ~ deleteme deletes YOUR access in the active chip channel
    • ~ dice [size] a toy command throwing a 'dice' with the specified number of sides (chip dice 10 gives a random number between 1 and 10)
    • /msg chip inviteme <channel> invites you to the specified (chip) channel (access required)
    • /msg chip inviteme all invites you to all chip channels you have access in
    • /msg chip open <channel> removes all 'limitations' for a chip channel you have ownership of (so +i, +k, +l ... are removed)
    • /msg chip reset <channel> similar to the open command, but removes the userlist of the channel as well (besides the owner)

The commands starting with ~ need to be used with chip access for example (so replacing the ~ with chip).


In case you have your account renamed by the IRC support, chip will not recognize you. Please join #chip and ask a helper to get you renamed for the chip database as well.

Further questions?

Join #chip (if you're a teamler) and ask a chip helper about it.