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The OnlineGamesNet has a dedicated team that maintains the software that is running on the IRC network. The softwares range from IRC server daemons and IRC services to the OnlineGamesNet website. This team is not responsible for the content published with this software or the network-maintenance. The IRC operators, administrators and Wiki Team are responsible for this. The development team only cares for the software maintenance, that is, finding and fixing bugs, improving existant software or even creating new services.

Since some of our softwares are based on open source software, we release our main projects under an appropriate open source license. Suggestions and contribution are welcome. Furthermore, if you develop IRC software and think it is a nice-to-have, then discuss your project with us and maybe you can run it on OnlineGamesNet.


If we discovered serious bugs in our software or released new patches, then we will place an info here. If you want to get notified when a new announcement comes up, then please go to the news page and *watch* for changes.


The main projects are a stable IRC server daemon and stable IRC services. We publish both projects under an open source license. Since both of them are based on GPL'ed softwares, they are also licensed under the GPL.

We furthermore develop other softwares. However, many of them are customized to our needs so we did not publish them. This includes the OnlineGamesNet website, the chip bot, the Watchdog P10 framework and more. If you are interested in a service we offer or if you intend to write a new service and search for developers, don't hesitate to contact us.

Please have a look at our published projects.


The development team primarily consists of these members:

You can contact them on IRC in a query or talk with them in #42. For minor questions please don't bother the IRC admins and contact the developers first.

There are other people that were former developers or contributed to the projects:

  • H3LL: IRC administrator, head of development; projects: services, miscellaneous
  • Adrian Mönnich (ThiefMaster): Former IRC administrator who created the first patchset for the ircu and srvx that were running for long time on OnlineGamesNet.
  • bruder2k / jodel: Former member of the staff who wrote many patches for the SRVX.
  • Dominik Paulus (falcon): Wrote ircu patches and contributed many ideas.
  • Chingu: former contributor to the srvx patchset