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The ircd is the daemon process running on the servers that handle the connections of the users. OnlineGamesNet uses a modified version of the Undernet Universal IRC Daemon also known as ircu. Thanks to the guys from Undernet here.

IRCu Patchset

We have modified several parts of the ircu to fit to our needs. Since we were often asked for our patchset we now publish our alterations. We try to keep the patchset compatible to the most recent stable version of the ircu. The patchset was written entirely by the developers of OnlineGamesNet, however, some of the patches are inspired by other famous IRC daemons. See the list of contributors for information on the people who worked on this patchset.

Since managing each modification as a single patch file is a lot of work, we only publish the full package, that is, an already patched ircu that can directly be used in a productive environment. If you have questions about it, don't hesitate to contact us.

Stable Releases

If you don't want to use our development version available at websvn you can also use the stable releases of the patchset. The releases are numbered with a single index: OGN-<num>.

  • Development version: OGN-4-dev
  • Stable version: currently no stable release available
  • Old version: OGN-3

IRCu base

The patchset is based on the Undernet Universal IRC Daemon. Since the stable releases of the ircu are highly outdated and have critical bugs we base our patchset on the development version of the ircu, particularly the u2.10.12 branch. The last revision of the official branch that our patchset is based on is listed inside the DEV file of the patchset.

Current Code Base:

Since we submit bugfixes regularly to the upstream developers, our patchset will never be a fork. Instead we simply try to provide additional features that the Undernet Admins rejected in their software.


Following a list of all modifications that we have done to the ircu.






If you discovered bugs, if you have suggestions to improve the software or if you just want to give feedback to us, then please don't hesitate to contact us. See below in the list of contributors and contact the maintainer or one of the developers per mail or IRC.

  • The maintainer's mail currently is: dh.herrmann (AT)
  • You can also talk to us in: #42 on OnlineGamesNet


This patchset was not only created by several developers of OnlineGamesNet. Moreover many patches are inspired by famous IRC daemons. Following a list of the current maintainer and developers and below a list of all contributors.

Current and former developers:

  • David Herrmann (gix): current maintainer of the patchset
  • Adrian Mönnich (ThiefMaster): former maintainer of the old patchset

Thanks also go to other people:

  • ZeRoFiGhter: thanks for testing all new features and finding bugs
  • Michael Poole (Entrope): official Undernet developer; thanks for helping on IRC
  • Quakenet: thanks to quakenet developers for their patchset snircd based on ircu-2.10.12
  • Nefarious: thanks to Evilnet developers for their patchset nefarious based on ircu-2.10.11
  • Dominik Paulus (falcon): contributed many patches/ideas to the patchset