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The softwares running on the OnlineGamesNet are partially homemade. We actively develop our software and encourage any contribution. If you have any suggestions or want to discuss then simply contact one of us. Since our softwares are partially based on OpenSource software, we also publish several projects. Give them a try and don't hesitate to report any feedback.

OnlineGamesNet Development Projects

OnlineGamesNet currently develops 2 OpenSource projects for its purposes:

OnlineGamesNet uses Websvn for its source browsing. If you encounter bugs or if you have suggestions to improve the software, please see the main page of the project to get information where to report it. You can also find tarball releases on these pages.

IRC server software

OnlineGamesNet maintains an own patchset based on the most recent version of the Undernet Universal IRC Daemon, also known as ircu. The whole software is available to the public and contribution is welcome. The patches include server-to-server and server-to-client SSL encryption, user fakehosts, remote server and user management, persistent channels and more. Stable tarball releases are available at the project page. Development versions can be checked out from our Websvn.

IRC services

The services running on OnlineGamesNet are a modified version of the SRVX services developed by GameSurge. Unlike the ircd, this project is only available as patchfiles. See the project page for available patches. We currently report all changes to the upstream development so there is a real chance to see the changes in the vanilla srvx source. However, the official development of SRVX by GameSurge is stuck and changes are only rarely accepted. The patches we develop include SpamServ (Spam protection service), Channel Votes, GiveOwnerShip history, extended syntax, staff levels and more. See the project page for more information.


Additionally to those two projects we develop much more IRC softwares. However, most of them are highly customized to our network and publishing them would make no sense. However, if you are interested in software that runs on our network, don't hesitate to contact us. Maybe one day you will then see a section for the project here. We have also a page for old software that no longer runs on our network because it is obsolete or was replaced by new projects. Please take into account that we do not maintain them anymore, however, if you find bugs or continue the development, then notice us and we will place a notice or a link to the project.