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OnlineGamesNet uses a modified version of the SRVX, thanks to the developers from GameSurge. Our patches highly customize the SRVX to our needs and do not make sense on other networks. However, we publish lots of our patches here so you can use these services with our patched ircd.


The patchset was created by ThiefMaster in 2004. Since then we always kept it in sync with the upstream SRVX source code. Though, lately, the official SRVX development stagnated and only bugfixes are pushed to the official SRVX repository so we decided to publish our work, since there is no way to see them in the official SRVX source.

The patchset includes mainly small alterations to work with our patched ircd and to support the new features. But we also maintain other features like the SpamServ module and staff levels. See the list of patches for an whole list of features.


We do not publish the whole srvx source code. Moreover we publish our alterations so other developers can easily adopt it. If you are not a developer, you can still use our patchfiles.

Currently no patches are released, however, see the development news for security advisories and information on new releases.


We intend to send all our patches to the upstream SRVX developers, but currently the official SRVX development is stuck and the last developer, Michael Poole (Entrope), pushes only bugfixes to the repository.

Because even bugfixes are only applied rarely to the official repository, we also publish bugfixes in our patchset.


Following a list of all modifications that we have done to the SRVX.






If you discovered bugs, if you have suggestions to improve the software or if you just want to give feedback to us, then please don't hesitate to contact us. See below in the list of contributors and contact the maintainer or one of the developers per mail or IRC.

You can also talk to us in: #42 on OnlineGamesNet.


This patchset was not only created by the developers of OnlineGamesNet. Moreover many patches are inspired by other developers. Following a list of the current maintainer and developers and below a list of all contributors.

Current and former developers:

  • H3LL: current maintainer of the patchset
  • ZeRoFiGhter: current developer of the patchset
  • David Herrmann (gix): current developer of the patchset
  • Adrian Mönnich (ThiefMaster): former maintainer of the patchset
  • Chingu: former contributor to the patchset

The following people indirectly contributed to this patchset:

  • Michael Poole (Entrope): official GameSurge developer; helped us with patches and adopted many of them
  • X3: thanks to Evilnet developers for their fork X3 based on srvx
  • bruder2k / jodel: we created many patches based on his ideas/code
  • feigling: creator of the spamserv module