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General Things

What is IRC?

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a program that allows you to communicate with other people. But it is not the kind of chat that all people will think of. This chat is a lot more complex than a normal Chat. So it is possible that every program which can open a socket is also able to connect to IRC. So also Bots can connect no matter what scripting language they use (even PHP is possible).

What is IRC based on? (Ident)

You won't notice the connection to the Server itself as a normal user. You only need a nickname, an e-mail, and a real name to connect to any IRC Network. But there are some restrictions. For example: Your nick can't contain any special characters. So no signs like ?/&%§!@$ and also not the sign : because of its important role within IRC. If a nick started with : the server would get confused. Your e-mail won't be sent on the whole, it doesn't even have to be correct. Only the first part (e.g. of "bla@blubb" only "bla") will be sent as an Ident. What that exactly is will be explained later. Also there are some restrictions:

  • The ident you entered will only be used if no ident is installed. If an ident is installed, you don't have to attend this rule normally.
  • The ident must at least contain one alphabetic character (A-Z or a-z)
  • Only one of the special characters - . and _ is allowed. A second can be used if they don't follow each other. None of these signs can be used at the beginning or the end of the ident.
  • If the ident contains small and capital alphabetic characters, the first character has to be a capital one. A second capital character can be used anywhere in the ident.
  • A third capital character is only allowed if all three capital characters are at the beginning of the ident or the second is separated by a special character (.-_).
  • At every position a numerical order can be used. A second numerical order is allowed if one of the two orders is at the beginning or the end.

Idents with small alphabetic characters are safe.

The real name doesn't have to be correct anyway and can contain anything which is possible. There is also a host which is generated automatically - normally it contains your IP or your DNS. The hostmask is specified like nick!ident@host . That is important for many things (e.g. bans (mode +b)). Note: If you are connected to IRC you can change your nick, your ident, and your host can't be changed until you're connected. But there are the possibilities about fakehosts or fakeidents. Fakeidents aren't available at OnlineGamesNet. Also fakehosts are for normal users only "account.user.OnlineGamesNet". For teammembers some modified hostmasks exist.

Normally you don't have to do much to connect to IRC. On IRC there are two different ways to communicate with other users. The first method: Directly to a user. You send a message directly to a user and only he/she will receive the message. The second method is channels. In one channel more than two people can join and all messages which are sent to the channel are received by every user who is in this channel. The first way is the PRIVMSG. It's a normal message to a target. If something goes wrong (e.g. the nick isn't available) you will be notified. The second way is the NOTICE. You won't receive an error-message like PRIVMSG if something goes wrong.

Now I am on IRC - What now?

Once you have connected to IRC you can do many things. But you should learn some commands first. You will find an overview of the most important commands including their functions HERE.

What kind of people are on IRC?

Of course there are normal users who are like you. They look for people to talk to and nothing else. Then there are the supporters. These users help you with IRC. Whenever you have a question you can join the channel #help on OnlineGamesNet. There you will be helped. And of course there are people who administrate the server. These people are called IRC Operators. They have some special rights (e.g. they can disconnect a user ("kill" him) or ban him from the network for a longer time). But they are mostly responsible for fixing failures on the servers and making sure that everything works. Removal of disturbing users included.

To be an IRC OP would be great - can I become one?

Short question - easy answer: NO. IRC OPs are people with a lot of experience. Including the work with servers and the contact with users. Most people who want to become an IRC OP aren't that experienced. And even if they are, we won't give anyone the Operator status if we don't trust him/her. And in general we won't give anyone the Operator status if he/she begs for it. The more often you ask the lower your chances will be. If you really want to become IRC OP just create your own server.

Okay, if not IRC OP, can I become a supporter?

That would be possible in some cases. You can apply here. But also as a supporter you need to be knowledgeable about IRC and also about the SRVX Services which are used on OnlineGamesNet.

SRVX? What's that?

SRVX Services are a group of bots which lighten the life on IRC for you. You can authenticate with them and register channels to avoid takeovers. You can read more about them here.

What should I do if I have further questions?

Just join #help, a supporter will try to help you.

Hint: In this text, links are included. If you see links like this in the future, they will always help you to find the command being discussed.