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The Fakehost (also called vhost) is a feature which replaces part of your real host in order to increase the privacy of your data, since in some cases, the hostmask is your actual IP - or it can be derived from the host.

The only fakehost available for normal users is:


How to get one?

  1. You need to get an AuthServ Account here on OGN (see this page for details).
  2. You must be authed to your account.
  3. You need to use these commands after you're authed:

/mode nick +x

/as set autohide 1

The first command is used to set the fakehost.
The second one is used, to automatize the process of hiding your hostmask every time you auth to your account. If the second command is not used, you will need to use /mode nick +x each time you auth. So it is highly recommended to make it automatic.

Special FakeHosts

By the time you start to use the whois command frequently, you will notice that some users have special fakehosts. These fakehosts are reserved for people belonging to an "official team" of a GameForge game (such as OGame, Gladiatus, Ikariam and so on). Also, some different FakeHosts are used by some BNC providers. These ones are then called a vhost.
Finally, the staff of OGN have special FakeHosts too. These FakeHosts have the following format:


  • e.g. max@max.gameoperator.IkariamCom


  • e.g. pete@pete.supportEs.OnlineGamesNet

Where XX is the tld of the mother language of the support.

These are two examples of special FakeHosts, but they are not the only ones! Simply, any FakeHost that looks different from authnick.user.OnlineGamesNet is a special Fakehost.
For the Team-FakeHosts, the host is used as some kind of ID for the teammembers as well and all teammembers are asked to use these hosts in order to facilitate the identification for users. In case you need support or advice for your game, always check via /whois nick if the teammember you are talking to is really a teamler and not someone pretending to be one.