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What is a G-line?

A G-line is a temporary ban for the whole network; you will not be able to connect to OnlineGamesNet at all for the duration of this ban.

How do I recognize that I'm g-lined?

Simply because you can not connect to the network and you will get an error message. It could look like this:

AUTO Excessive connections from a single host..
Closing Link: nick by OGN1.OnlineGamesNet.net (G-lined)
Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).

Important is the second line. There you can see "G-Lined"

What should I do now?

If you have been g-lined because of a direct connection to the IRC-server, look the at the G-Line check website. You can check here, if your IP is Glined and look for duration and reason of this sanction.

The reason is will be also shown at your IRC-Client serverwindow (example displayed at the quote above).

The g-line is incorrect - I want it to be removed!

This may also be requested at the G-Line check site. There is a field to contact a network operator (IRCop). You should use this 'wisely' - only well-founded requests will be granted a G-line removal. Especially short G-lines of an hour (called "Blocks") will be removed in rare cases only.

For example: "AUTO excessive connections from a single host." - Just wait an hour and connect to OnlineGamesNet again afterwards.


DO NOT evade a G-line to talk with us on the IRC. This is called G-line evading and is strictly prohibited and will be punished harder than a G-line. Contact us via the webform or via Email.

Information for Proxy user

If you use a proxy you should also note our Proxy Info