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This page is normally intended to provide commands and instructions to "use" a wiki. Due to the massive amount of possible topics and interests, we decided to provide linkings to these contents on the mediawiki-help. If you are unsure about specific topics, feel free to ask our teammembers in #OGN-Wiki on the OnlineGamesNet.

Help for Readers

Please take a look at the readers guide.

Help for Editors

You will find instructions at the editors guide.

Help for Translators

A special part of our work on this wiki, contains the extension of the contents to other languages. This way, we hope to provide help for every user on our network - no matter what language he or she is speaking. If you think you may help on this work, as you are able to translate or create pages for your language, there are several possibilites to start.

Your language is available:

  • Take a look at the to-do list and check if there are topics left to handle.
  • Take a look at pages of your language and check if there are obvious errors or things that you'd like to improve and care about them.
  • Think of topics that are not explained and create a page for them.

Your language is not available so far

  • Start by directly translating (or creating) some pages for your language - especially the main page with it's templates: Greeting - News - main articles - Quicklinks; as well as first steps guide, ChanServ and the help on chanregs would be good pages to start with. Either copy the contents of an english article and translate the text or if you'd trust yourself to do it totally yourself, make it in your own style. It is important though, that the articles are named english-name-of-the-article/tld - with tld being the country code of your language (e.g. fr = french, en = english, ru = russian, it = italian ....).

If these articles are added for your language, so there is a basic content available - request to have your language added to the selector by contacting Alruvil . If something doesn't work as expected or you do not really understand how and were to start, contact Alruvil or another staff memeber at IRC as well. We will try to help you the best we can.

  • Take the text that are of special interest to you, translate them and contact one of the staff members via IRC, if they may add it or help you in doing so if you feel too unexperienced to do that on your own.

Please make sure, your translations/contents are understandable and correct, we trust in our users to do the best they can to help others.