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If you want to prevent your channel from takeovers and administrate it better, you should register it.

What do I need to do it?

You need an AuthServ Account. How can you get one? You can look it up here.

And then?

If you have an AuthServ Account join #help. But first you should check if the channel fits the Registration guidelines. If it fits, join #help and use /support channel registration (in some cases /quote HelpServ channel registration) and if possible add as much information (channelname, function, purpose) as possible.

If - like most cases - it will be an alliance channel, you should have the:

  • Permission of the founder to register the channel (or be the founder)
  • Universe or server you are playing on
  • Abbreviations of the tag or the channel name

If you do this it will be done very quick.

Now I have registered a channel - what should I do now?

A list of all ChanServ commands you can get here

Attention: In the description there are some links included. Everytime when a command description is talking about another command, you will find a link to this command.

Also you can take a look at the First Steps Guide.