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What is an IRCop?

IRCop's (or Operators) are members of the network staff, who are equipped with special rights to manage and observe the usage of the network. For example, they can kick or kill (forced disconnect from the server) any user on the network. They are able to g-line users - and prevent them from reconnecting to the network for a given time - among other things.

An IRCop may be, but does not have to be a network administrator as well. If you think that you need one of the IRCops and have no idea where to find them, or if you really need to contact one of them - please use the normal IRC support on our network and contact our supporters in the #help channel with /support small description of your issue

In general, the IRCops and Admins are not to be contacted as the first step. Most of the issues may, and should be handled by the support staff. That's why we ask every user to talk with them in #help and #support before further action.