Joining a channel

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Joining an open channel

Joining a channel in general is pretty easy. To do so, you just need to use:

/join #channelname

This command should work for every IRC Client.

Joining a password protected channel

Basically, this one works just as easy as joining an open channel.

/join #channelname Password

For example, to join the channel #AllyOne which has a password set, being secret, you need to use:

/join #AllyOne secret

As above, this one works for every client.

Joining a channel protected by '+i' (invite only)

For this one, you need ChanServ inside the channel and access to it so you may invite yourself to the channel. The other possibility would be someone with channel operator status (displayed with @ for mIRC) inside the channel who can invite you.
For the first possibility, you can use:

/cs #channelname invite

To use the second option, the person with channel operator status needs to use:

/invite Nickname #channelname

With 'channelname' being the respective chan and 'nickname' being your current nick on the IRC server.