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mIRC v6.35 Installation

The following steps will explain how to install the client mIRC.

Download: mIRC 6.35 download

Download: Latest download

NOTE: The screenshots were created with mIRC in version 6.35 with Windows 7. In some cases it could be that some screenshots are not up to date, maybe due to a new mIRC version was released or you are using a different Windows version. But the content should be generally the same. We're trying our best but can't promise a 100% up to date guide.


After you have downloaded mIRC you should see this file. Just open it and start: Mirc 635 inst 1.png

Mirc 635 inst 2.png

In the first step you just click "Next".

Mirc 635 inst 3.png

Confirm the licence using "I agree".

Mirc 635 inst 4.png

Choose where mIRC should be installed using "Browse" and after that click "Next".

Mirc 635 inst 5.png

Disable the box "Server List" and then click "Next".

Mirc 635 inst 6.png

Just click "Next" ...

Mirc 635 inst 7.png

... and now click "Install".

Mirc 635 inst 8.png

In the last step you can tick "Run mIRC" to start the program immediately after the installation and click "Finish" then.

Mirc 635 run 1.png

That's the creator of mIRC. Here you see that mIRC is shareware and should be paid for after 30 days. But don't worry after 30 days you only have to wait 2-3 seconds before you can close the dialog and continue using mIRC. There is no need to pay money except if you want to support him.


Mirc 635 run 2.png

At the first start you will see the "Options" window.

1. Here you do not have to enter your full real name. You can use your nickname.

2. Here you do not need a valid email address. This field is used as the ident after the connect on the server. Your nick in front of an @ is recommend.

3. Your nickname.

4. If another user already has your nickname (in step 3) you could choose another nickname here, which would be used automatically as an alternative nickname in this case.

5. Now click on "Servers".

Mirc 635 run 3.png

Now we will add the server of OnlineGamesNet. Click "Add".

Mirc 635 run 4.png

Fill in the following:

Description: OnlineGamesNet

IRC Server: irc.onlinegamesnet.net

Group: OnlineGamesNet

Now click "Add"

Mirc 653 run 5.png

Now we have added the server of OnlineGamesNet. Select the lower OnlineGamesNet entry and click "OK" now.

Mirc 635 run 6.png

After closing the options window click on the "Yellow Flash" in the upper left corner to connect with the OnlineGamesNet.

Mirc 635 run 7.png

Now a lot of text will appear and a new pop up will appear.

Mirc 635 run 8.png

Just disable "Pop up favorites on connect" and "Enable join on connect" and click "OK".

Now you are connected to the OnlineGamesNet server but you are not on a channel.

For this you have to use the /join command

If you want to enter e.g. the general channel of OGame.org just enter:

/join #ogame.org

Channel names start always with #.

More commands you will find here

Information about AuthServ and online Account registration

Official Chans

You can find a list of some offical IRC-Channels on the OnlineGamesNet here.


Every time we connect to OnlineGamesNet, we could use a new nickname. But how does the server know who I am and that I should have operator rights in my Alliance channel? Now this isn't as hard as it seems: You have registered with a Username and Password. With EVERY connection to the OnlineGamesNet server, we have to say to Authserv "Hello, it's me!" How do we do this? with another command of course:


/AuthServ AUTH username password

Our example:


and press enter again.

After this we should receive the message: "-AuthServ- I recognize you." If not, check your information, check that you have entered the username and password correctly. If all else fails, you can ask for help in the Support channel (#help).

For English users: After the registration you can now change the language to English, just type the following:

/AuthServ set language C

Can this be simplified?

Yes, this can be simplified. There is a function in mIRC called "Perform". In the screenshot below, you can see how this works:


Good luck