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Welcome to OnlineGamesNet Wiki

This is a wiki with information about IRC (don't you know what is IRC yet?) made by users for users. You are welcome to help us to write new contents or just translate existing contents to your language. You can check the list of the wiki volunteers taking care of the content translation and become yourself a volunteer if you want to help in regular basis.

You can find probably all that you would need to use IRC. Try finding it in the below links table or using the search box in the left sidebar. If you don't find what you need you can request help at #help or open a support request.


28th March 2014
New wiki version 1.22.5 installed, you can inform us about any problem at #ogn-wiki

3rd March 2014
New privacy feature installed in the network. IPs are no longer visible, they are replaced by default for a fake host. Read more about it.

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