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MemoServ is a service bot that is used to send messages to other users on the OGN network regardless of whether they are online or not. This service is invisible, so it will not be found in any channel.


To execute the different commands, there are several possibilities. Regarding MemoServ, the following options may be used:

  • /ms COMMAND usable on the whole network
  • /MemoServ COMMAND usable on the whole network
  • /msg COMMAND usable on the whole network
  • _COMMAND to be used inside a registered channel

Writing and reading of messages

To write (and send) a message to someone, "/ms SEND <Nick or *AuthServ-Account> <message>" is used. Take care about the * in front of an Authserv-accountname, in case of the 'target' being offline or the current nickname being unknown to you. Using this, the message will be delivered to the owner of this account.

If you received one or several messages, you should use "/ms READ <ID>" to read the message you specified with 'ID'. This ID will be shown to you, when MemoServ notifies you about new messages - e.g. (-MemoServ- You received a new message from 'NN'. (ID: 0)), or if you look up your message overview.

Message overview

The overview may be accessed with "/ms LIST" and should look like this:

MemoServ ID   from       Sending time
MemoServ 0	NN	08:19 PM, 02/24/2009
MemoServ Found 1 matches.

In here, you see the ID, the senders account name and the time at which the message was received.

Deleting messages

To delete one of your messages, you should use "/ms DELETE <ID>". Alternatively, you may use "/ms DELETE ALL" or "/ms DELETE *" to erase all of your current messages. This option should be used carefully though.


There are different settings about if and how you want to be notified. These settings may be changed with "/ms SET <setting> <on/off>". Available settings should be "AUTHNOTIFY" (you will get a note on logging in with AuthServ), "NOTIFY" (you will get a notification on receiving a new message) and "PRIVATE" (this will only allow people who share access in one of your channels, to message you).

Furthermore, there are some commands used for information. "EXPIRY" will show the current setting about automatic deletion of old messages. "STATUS" shows the current MemoServ status and "VERSION" the current version.