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You can find in OnlineGamesNet webpage the network rules and channel registration rules

Rules according to pages on the OnlineGamesNet wiki

§1 - Accounts

Everyone may register an account on this wiki. However, it is forbidden to register multiple accounts, e.g. to bypass bans of existing accounts or to fake activity on existing articles.
Account names matching 'badwords' (e.g. sexistic, historic or other inappropriate strings) may be deleted and/or asked for a rename by the wiki management.
For an overview of existing ranks in this wiki, visit the GroupRights page.

§2 - Creating/editing arcticles

Everyone (including unregistered users) may create his own user page and create new articles under GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 - and edit existing articles of any kind to improve their content as long as they are unprotected.
Still, OGN wiki staff reserves the privilege to edit or delete articles of every contributor, e.g. because the content of an article proves to be affected by copyrights or contains illegal data of any kind. Please note, that destroying articles with useless edits may result in you or your account being banned on this wiki (see §6 for further details).

§2.1 - Creation of translated articles

In order to maintain the multi-language capabilities of this wiki, we require all contributions, that affect general commands or a service, to at least exist in english and the language of your choice. This reassures, that every user not speaking your language, will receive the english article to get a general overview.

§2.2 - Creation of user pages, project/channel presentations

Even though presentations of IRC related projects (e.g. BNC providers, alternative channel management bots, game related projects) are allowed on this wiki, please note, that a minimum standard of pages shall be maintained. Articles containing only a single line or no valuable information at all, may lead to a demand of improvement by OGN wiki staff. Not following these demands in a certain period of time can cause removal of the content or whole article.

§3 - Signing/commenting edits

Every edit of an existing article requires a comment, explaining the motivation or statement of the editor. Not adding this comment or explanation, may result in your edit to be removed if the sense of it is not visible to the wiki staff.

§4 - Deletion of articles

Registered and/or unregistered users of this wiki are not allowed to delete existing pages. If you feel, that an article is unnecessary you can ask and explain the reason for removal in the discussion page of this specific article.
If you discover articles or content violating rules of this wiki or general law, please notify one of the staff members about it immediately; preferably via IRC at #OGN-wiki.

§5 - Advertisement / Spam

Advertisement of any kind - e.g. games, products, thievery links and similar content - is forbidden on this wiki. Violation of this rule may result in you or your account being temporarily or permanently banned from this wiki - depending on the posted content.

§6 - Vandalism

Vandalism, this means useless editing or falsification of existing articles is forbidden on this wiki. Users violating this rule, may be warned by the OGN wiki staff. Repeated breachment of this rule may result in you or your account being banned from this wiki.

§7 - Illegal content

Articles, covering content not appropriate for this wiki (e.g. sexistic, racistic, non-relevant topics) may be deleted without warning by OGN wiki staff. Content, that does not fulfill any obvious reasons or does not fulfill minimum standards (see §2.2 for further details) may be removed if a demand of improvement is not followed by the author.

§8 - Pictures and files

Registered users are allowed to upload files in order to improve new or existing articles (Permitted file types: png, gif, jpg, jpeg). However, we ask all users to upload necessary files only. Files remaining unused after upload, can be removed by OGN wiki staff if a demand for usage is not fulfilled by the uploader.

§9 - Miscellaneous

OGN wiki management and staff reserve the right to interpret these rules if there is ambiguity as to how it applies to your situation.
The management as well reserves the right to change these rules if legal or other reasons require it and notify users about it at the main page.