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What we call "Services" (also known as SRVX on the Internet) are the bots that have some features related to control and management of users, channels, what is written in them, etc. They can change depending on the network where you want to connect, so in this wiki you'll only see how are they being used on OnlineGamesNet.

Most of these services (working as bots), will give you information about how to use them (provided that you've got enough access) by sending the text "help" to the bot in question. There are several kinds of services; some of them are absolutely internal and consequently they are useless for users. The following are the common services you can find in OnlineGamesNet's channels.


This bot administers users's accounts. Unlike other popular networks, in this one nicknames are not registered but accounts are instead. Due to this, if someone is using the one you want, you'll have to wait until it's available.
Account name and nickname don't need to be related in any way and you can change your nick as much as you want.


This bot deals with channels. When a channel is registered, this bot will go to it, preventing other users from gaining control of the channel. In addition to this, it has many other settings that will make IRC's usage to be easier and will add some extra features.


This bot controls the amount of text and its repetition inside of channels. It's in all official channels and in those where it has been requested after proving that the quantity of visits is high enough to need it. This bot will punish users when detecting inappropriate behaviour, even though sometimes it might be unfair (which is understandable, taking into account that it's not a human).


This bot, which can only be seen in official channels, will punish those users who write blacklisted links in a channel. This includes, for instance, those links to games where you can gain money depending on the amount of visitors.


You won't find this bot anywhere but you can see how it writes inside of channels. It's updated by the administrators from each community (board and game) and it saves a list of all these administrators just as allowing you to obtain information related to them. It's basically an informative bot.


This bot will punish users who go into channels with forbidden names or nicknames, although it has more features unavailable to users.


MemoServ is a service bot that is used to send messages to other users on the OGN network regardless of whether they are online or not. This service is invisible, so it will not be found in any channel.


HelpServ is able to manage an IRC support system. If a Gameforge community uses HelpServ, users will be able to submit support requests and team members will be given notice that there are pending requests. HelpServ is also responsible for handling -support channels. Typically, HelpServ name consists of the name of the community that uses it followed by Serv (e.g., OGameEsServ).

Note: Official service bots have the hostmask, except for Watchdog, whose hostmask is You can easily check that out by means of the whois command.