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Watchdog يك سروس شبكه شبيه ChanServ, AuthServ، و همچنين سرويس هاي ديگر نيست. اگرچه، Watchdog هنوز هم يك بات با يك سري عملكرد خاص و مهم است. اين بات براي عمل بات و كاربراني كه در كانال هاي رسمي مضر هستند در نظر گرفته شده است. این امر ممکن است لینک های سرقت از بازی های آنلاین (كه نبايد بر روي OnlineGamesNet ارسال شوند) و همچنين لينك به نرم افزارهای مخرب، وابسته به عکس یانوشته تحريك كننده، محتواي حاوي تبعيض نژادي، يا هرچيز ممنوع ديگري بوسيله قوانين شبكه از OGN.


اگر Watchdog شناسايي كند كه يك كاربر قوانين شبكه را نقض كرده است، امکانات مختلف در مورد آنچه اتفاق می افتد وجود دارد:

کار ضد اسپم

  • Users 'spamming' channels with thievery links (links that motivate other users to 'donate' virtual currency by visiting the link), will normally be warned with a kick on their first violation. This may vary in isolated cases.
  • Repeated posting (in the same or different channels) will result in a G-line for about 1 hour to stop the user from further posting the unwanted links. Depending on the punished badlink, a longer duration may be possible.

Anti Virus work

  • As virus (or more generally spoken malware) links are a bigger threat to incautious users, a posting of these links is normally sanctioned with a G-line directly. This may be a short duration (1 hour) for so called 'IRC worms' - or a full day if the posting was done on purpose.

Watchdog banned me...

  • I was banned by Watchdog, what should I do ?
    • As Watchdog kicks/g-lines are normally justified (since the posting of 'badlinks' is forbidden) - you should wait for the G-line to expire.

  • I was banned by Watchdog, can I ask a supporter to remove the ban?
    • Simple answer: No. As IRC supporters lack the necessary access to remove a G-line or change it's duration, you do not have to ask for a removal. Only IRCops are capable of these actions - but they shouldn't be bothered with these issues as Watchdog sanctions are not discussable. If you're really, really, really convinced, that a G-line is unjustified, use the information found here to get it removed.

  • I was banned by Watchdog, can I just rejoin with a different connection before the ban expires?
    • Simple again: Absolutely Not! Wait for the Ban/G-line to expire; detection of such behaviour will result in longer, temporary, or even permanent exclusion, of your IP(s).